We use Nikwax Rug Wash™ to clean all turnout rugs and Ecover™ to clean everything else. Not only are the products we use kind to your horse, they are also kind to the environment. Our industrial washing machines are big enough to ensure thorough cleaning and rinsing of even the largest heavyweight turnout rugs.

We don’t use tumble dryers as these can damage the technical fabric of modern rugs. Instead we use specialist drying racks to ensure rugs maintain shape and fit as they dry. We prefer to air dry outside on warm and breezy days and we also have a custom built drying room which means we can get dirty rugs clean and dry even in the wettest winter weather.

We also clean, reproof and repair dog and human clothing.


Should your horses rugs need to be disinfected we use CleanRound™ Rug Wash, an environmentally friendly anti-bacterial and anti-fungal product that has been specially developed to destroy bacteria, fungi and viruses, including ringworm and strangles. Find out more information on the science behind CleanRound.

Please note: although we don’t charge extra for the disinfecting wash, we do expect all clients to inform us if there is a possibility that rugs have been exposed to highly infectious fungal or bacterial pathogens before collection/drop off so that we can put the correct containment procedures in place.


All turnout rugs are reproofed using Nikwax Rug Proof™ which is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and manufactured in the UK. Rugs are reproofed in our industrial washing machines on a special proofing cycle with the correct amount of Nikwax Rug Proof™ thus renewing the water repellent nature of the fabric. We can also clean and reproof human and dog clothes.


We carry out high quality and affordable repairs and alterations to all types of horse rug as well as boots, bandages and numnahs. We don’t send anything away to be repaired so we can guarantee the quality of durability of the repair. We offer an emergency same day repair service to keep your essential rugs functional. To avoid cross contamination we only repair clean rugs. We can also repair and alter human and dog clothes.

Whilst we can repair any rug, no matter how extreme the damage, sometimes it’s not economically viable. We contact the client to discuss options before carrying out repairs to rugs that may not be worth the cost of mending.

horse rug repair - before


horse rug repair - during
horse rug repair - after